} United States Coast Guard Marine Safety Alert Reg Urgent Kannad Safelink EPIRB Recall

Technical Circular No.12 | 2016

Subject: United States Coast Guard Marine Safety Alert Reg Urgent Kannad Safelink EPIRB Recall

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  1. Orolia Limited, owner of Kannad Marine has become aware of an issue affecting Kannad SAFELINK EPIRBs which could result in the beacon not operating in an emergency situation.
  2. In view of above, Kannad Marine has issued a global recall of all SAFELINK EPIRBSs and recommends that vessels having an affected beacon (only SAFELINK EPIRB auto and manual) should NOT use the SAFELINK as the primary Search and Rescue beacon.
  3. Kannad Marine has also advised that all owners of SAFELINK EPIRBs to register their ownership, location and contact details via the dedicated website:  htpp://www.safelinkepirbsupport.co.uk to arrange for replacement of the EPIRB.
  4. United States Coast Guard (USCG) has issued marine safety alert 03-16 (copy attached) and strongly recommends that all owners and users of the Kannad SAFELINK EPIRBs seek replacement devices as soon as possible and NOT to use it as a primary Search and Rescue beacon.
  5. Ship Owners / managers and masters are advised to take note of the above USCG Marine Safety Alert and act accordingly.   


  1. USCG Marine Safety Alert 03-16 Reg “Urgent Kannad Safelink EPIRB Recall”.


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