} Cyber Risk Management

Cyber Risk Management

Implementation  of Cyber Risk Management
Cyber security in maritime industry is fast evolving into a major concern due to increased
use of computer based systems for its various operations, be it on ship or ashore. Breach of
confidential data, can lead to major financial loss and credibility of stakeholders and may
also result in legal issues.
The industry has to take the cyber risks seriously and address them before it strikes and
disrupts its operations. While addressing the Cyber Risks it is essential to understand the
significant difference between systems required for information technology and operation
technology. The approach to risk and consequently its mitigation measures are
significantly different for each type.
To assist Indian maritime Industry in identification of cyber risks, IRClass, having domain
expertise in various aspects of maritime process, has developed cyber safety guidelines
which would help the industry in addressing their cyber risks. IRCLASS also provides the
following services towards an effective implementation of cyber risk management in their

  •   Gap Analysis
  •   Certification / Compliance
  •   Training on Cyber Risk Management