} GPS Week Number Rollover for JRC Equipment.

Technical Circular No: 042/2022

Subject: GPS Week Number Rollover for JRC Equipment.

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1. Malta Maritime Administration vide Technical Notice SLS.35 has informed that GPS week number rollover for the referenced Japan Radio Company (JRC) equipment is scheduled to occur on 15 May 2022.

2. Referenced models are designed to turn the clock back to 29 September 2002 and will continue to perform incorrectly under normal use (incorrect date information, communication function may encounter problems) unless the designated countermeasure (as applicable) has been implemented. Position data is not envisaged to be affected.

3. The following equipment will be affected:

a. INMARSAT-C JUE-85 (s/n: GR10251 – GR 23738)

INMARSAT MINI-C JUE-95SA (s/n: GR10051 - GR 23188)

JUE-95LT (s/n: GR11703 – GR23598) JUE-95VM (s/n: GR 10001 – GR23593)

Scheduled transmission, LRIT and VMS functions will stop, Date and log function will return to starting date. A software upgrade will be required.   

b. INMARSAT FLEET BROAD BAND 250 – Model: JUE-250 (all serial numbers).

Registration process to INMARSAT network will fail and will not be possible to communicate, date of internal clock and log function will return to the commencement date affecting above mentioned equipment. A software upgrade will be required.

c. GPS Navigator JLR-7700MKII (s/n: all after KE47190)

GPS Receiver JLR-4330 (s/n: all after KE54239)

GPS Receiver JLR-4331 (s/n: all after KE50479)

Time and date will go back to 29 September 2002 when either a master-reset of equipment or battery replacement is carried out after 15 May 2022, affecting above mentioned equipment. A setting method of JLR-7700MKII, JLR-4330 and JLR-4331 will need to be applied  to avoid the issue.        

4. In view of above, ship managers, operators and masters are advised to undertake the necessary actions in consultation with the equipment manufacturer to ensure that the systems are in compliance with the requirements in force.



This Technical Circular and the material contained in it is provided only for the purpose of supplying current information to the reader and not as an advice to be relied upon by any person. While we have taken utmost care to be as factual as possible, readers/ users are advised to verify the exact text and content of the Regulation from the original source/ issuing Authority. 

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